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Andrea Castanon Gillenssen

Andrea CastaÑon Gillenssen

Set Designer

Andrea is a Mexican production designer and art director established in Switzerland. She is a graduate of UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico, the leading research university in Mexico) with a diploma in landscape architecture (2014), and has a master's degree in the Design of Ephemeral Spaces from ELISAVA in Barcelona (2015). She has worked as a landscape architect and an event designer both in Mexico and Spain. Since 2015, she works mainly as a set and production designer for audiovisual productions (TV/streaming/cinema).

Since 2019 she has focused her career on more challenging projects mainly on theatre, and artistic installations in Europe. Andrea loves the challenges and possibilities involved in the conceptualization and the design of ideas, the interplay of the materials, and the optimization of construction processes. Her portfolio includes works with international brands such as NETLFIX, Amazon Prime, Coca-Cola, E! Entertainment, and Staatstheater Mainz among others. 

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