Are you interested in theatre?  Want to develop your English language skills and use your creativity?  Join our workshops to explore the expressive power of your body and voice. Our courses are ensemble based, dynamic and fun! 

Directors leading the company, Tara Brodin and Joanne Willmott, are fully qualified teachers with over thirty years of combined experience teaching in schools, colleges and universities in Zürich and internationally.  In addition, they are both professional and critically acclaimed directors and theatre artists.

Thank you for organizing an excellent summer devising course – my daughter loved it!  I was so impressed with what the students managed to achieve within the short space of a week.  The showcase was visually stunning and everyone performed with such confidence. 

Sheila Spratt, Parent 

Tara is quite simply one of the most gifted teachers I have had the privilege to work with in my twenty years of teaching experience and eight years of experience running ISTA.  

Sally Robertson, ISTA CEO, England

If you are looking for a physical theatre instructor....Brodin should be at the top of your list. 

Chris Lueck, founder of New York Downtown Clown

Joanne was my biggest source of inspiration as a young dancer. She introduced me to and ignited my passion for contemporary dance.  Her constant encouragement and guidance allowed me to fulfill my dream of being a professional dancer. 

Edward Pearce, The Balletboyz, London

I was lucky enough to be taught by the wonderful Jo Willmott.  Her enthusiasm and imaginative approaches nurtured and fostered the determination I needed to have a successful career in the arts as an actress and writer. 

Katie Norris, Norris & Parker Theatre Company, UK