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 Improvisation for Corporate enhancement

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"The IBM improv class was an incredible experience for all the participants.  Tara is a great teacher!"

Monica Manni

We are specialized in teaching the art of communication. Through professional, practical and playful exercises in theatre, we will inspire confident business communication and transform your team.

We have had the pleasure of working with IBM, UBS, DELOITTE, ETH, ARROW RESOURCES, THE UNIVERSITY OF ST. GALLEN & more! 

Our objectives:

  • Increased awareness of the body & voice for presentation purposes

  • Development of negotiation skills

  • Enhancing lateral thinking, innovation and creativity

  • Building confidence and risk-taking

  • Inspiring empathic communication skills

  • Strengthening interpersonal relationships and trust building

  • Increasing productivity through stress reduction and wellness techniques

Creativity, innovation, and courageous communication in the workplace can be your organization’s greatest resource. 


All workshops are customized to the clients' requests.

For further information, contact:


In your improvisation workshop, I am learning how to be in the here and now with courage. Tara's exercises bring out the playful, carefree and social creatures we are.


 Before Tara's improvisation class, I was nervous giving presentations. Now, I feel confident and comfortable in front of an audience! 



—  Fausta Geelhoed - IBM, Zürich

—  Anca-Nicoleta Ciubotaru  - IBM, Zürich

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