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 The Art of Business Communication

We are specialized in teaching the art of communication. Through professional, practical and playful exercises in theatre, we will inspire confident business communication and transform your team. All workshops are customized to the clients' requests.

"I would rate it as one of the best communication workshops that I have attended in recent years."

- Participant, SWISS RE, ZÜRICH

We’ve had the pleasure of working with these great companies…

CET - Logos - Meta, Fifa, Google, Deloitte, Takeda, Lindt
Present Yourself Workshop

Present Yourself Workshop

In our session together, participants will learn how to connect with an audience in an authentic and present way. We will focus on developing communication skills through proper execution of the voice. We will target pacing, rhythm, dynamics, pitch, resonance, articulation, projection, and breathing techniques. Furthermore, we will unpack nonverbal communication and give you tools to present yourself as confident and engaging. We will also analyze the storytelling tactics that make a presentation memorable. Ultimately, our goal is to develop confident business communication and a greater sense of awareness so participants can apply the techniques to any presentation or situation.



Improvisation Workshop

Improvisation Workshop

In our improvisation workshop, your team will gain an introduction to improvisation and its well-known “Yes, and…” principle, a powerful tool for developing communication skills and building cohesion in high performing teams. They will tune into their playful side and connect with each other in a way that is safe, engaging, and fun as they are guided through a series of practical improvisation exercises that enhance connection, communication and collaboration.



Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Are you preparing for an important presentation? Do you want to take your upcoming pitch to the next level? Do you want to feel calm and confident during an important team meeting and in front of an audience? In our sessions together, you will learn how to connect with your audience in an authentic and present way. Private coaching with CET's Artistic Director Tara Brodin will support you in reaching these goals.





Entertainment Live Improv Show

Entertainment Live Improv Show

Entertain your team with a professional improvisation show. Our actors will personalize the scenes to fit your company setting and guarantee laughter for all! The art of improvisation is creating scenes spontaneously based on the audience’s suggestions, making it an interactive, unique and fun experience.




What our corporate clients say

I would rate it as one of the best communication workshops that I have attended in recent years.

Swiss RE, Zürich

I highly recommend Tara Brodin’s workshop to any organization seeking to elevate their team's communication and interpersonal skills.

Jean-Luc Haefflinger

EY - People Advisory

Our team event this year was so much fun! The Close Encounters Theatre group were amazing and very entertaining but behind that was a key message of letting go of inhibitions and not being afraid of failure. In one hour we laughed more than I can remember, with a performance that was personalised to us as an audience.

Deloitte, Zürich

It is hard to grasp the close connection of improv and business at first sight. It does not matter how prepared you are for a presentation - if you cannot bring your message across in an engaging and encouraging way - it was all for nothing!

Robert Marx

Senior Client

Project Manager 

Thank you once again for contributing to the overall success of our corporate event concept. We were delighted to experience  you in action. The resonance from the team was overwhelmingly positive and everyone enjoyed the evening and the activities.

Alexander Peter


Thank you once again from the whole team for your energy, joy and positive spirit! We have had so much laughter and Tara found the ideal balance for the team so everyone felt comfortable while leaving their comfort zones

Monika Kreppold, People & Culture, Sports Federation, Zürich

I had the pleasure of experiencing the workshop on Developing the Team Dynamics and Communication Skills Using Theatre Techniques offered by Close Encounters Theatre first hand. It was a fast paced training packed with incredibly valuable knowledge served in a very engaging and effective way. I have no doubt it greatly improved our communication skills that we'll continue to benefit from moving forward.

Karol Stosiek

Engineering Manager,


Tara designed and led the perfect workshop for us. It was inspirational, provoked a lot of deep thinking about leadership presence and helped build concrete skills. Most importantly, it was a lot of fun and a wonderful chance for our group to connect and understand each other at a deeper level. I can’t wait to work with Tara again!

Michelle Grant

ETH Zürich

Before Tara's improvisation class, I

was nervous giving presentations.

Now, I feel confident

and comfortable in front of an audience! 

Anca-Nicoleta Ciubotaru

IBM, Zürich

The IBM improv class was an incredible experience for all the participants.  Tara is a great teacher - with her positive and professional approach she allowed us to move out of our comfort zone whilst having fun!  

Monica Manni

IBM Zürich

The improv class was an eye-opening experience! It gave me the foundations to improve my presentation skills, my confidence in public speaking and the ability to manage emotions when I’m on the spot. On top of this, it was a very fun activity!

Simone  Mantovani

Project Leader

Philip Morris International 

A magical place with amazing, competent people.
  The experience helped us grow
as a team,
  Thank you
Tara & team!

Yvonne Eichholzer,

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