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Sivan is a director, choreographer, dancer, actress and dance teacher.

Sivan Perlstein

Dance Specialist

Sivan Perlstein was born 1986 in Israel.  She is a director, choreographer, dancer, actress and dance teacher. She completed her Master of Arts BFH in Theatre with specialisation in Expanded Theater at the Hochschule der Künste Bern, Switzerland.


Sivan studied dance and dance theatre at  the Seminar Hakibutzim college, Tel Aviv, in the honors program for undergraduate students. In 2015, she directed the theatre piece RITALINA, which premiered at the Schlachthaus Theater, Kicks! Festival, Bern. It continued in Stadt Theater Basel, Buchhegg Theater in Zurich then abroad to Starke Stücke Festival (DE) and Szene Bunte Wähne Festival (AT). The piece then performed at the Theater Spektakel Festival in Zurich and was nominated for the award of the ZKB Patronage Prize and the ZKB Audience Prize.


In 2018, she directed and performed the theatre piece WWWonderland, which premiered at Schlachthaus Theater. The piece has won the try out competition in Dschungel theater, Vienna and a year after was invited as Gastspiel. In 2018, she created a short dance performance at the Tanzhaus Zurich under the platform SHOW OFF, which was later performed at Tanzwinterthur Festival. Since 2018, she joined Kibbutz Zürich, the first Jewish arts festival, a nonprofit organisation, as the art director.


In her own artistic work, Sivan focuses on the relationship between body and space and the launch point of art and education. Throughout her career, she has been working with children of all ages, elementary school until high school, teaching math, creative thinking, orientation, and memory through movement and expression.


She divides her time between stage and studio, teaching dance, movement and drama. The privilege to teach and meet new real human material, gives her the drive and inspiration, allowing her to keep on moving.

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