high res pic
I will write to Mantua
Romeo's death
R sees J for the first time
Tybalt & gang
Face off
Mercutio solo
Poison drink
Balcony blue set

Close  Encounters Youth Theatre 


We offer unique training and performance opportunities for children, youth and adults. 


Directors leading the company, Tara Brodin and Joanne Willmott, are fully qualified teachers with over thirty years of combined experience teaching in schools, colleges and universities in Zürich and internationally.  In addition, they are both professional and critically acclaimed directors and theatre artists.

We believe when young people participate in theatre training, they become engaged citizens who are curious, empathic, and able to communicate creatively in any collaborative process.

Past Productions

Violent Delights

A daring post-apocalyptic reimagining of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. 
2018 Production in Residence at Dynamo Theatre.  



Scenes from Metamorphoses

Extracts from Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses. 
2019 Production in Residence at ICS Inter-Community School Zurich. Visit Drama @ ICS


Jo & Tara absolutely rock and the show was beyond amazing! They are the greatest team I have ever had the pleasure of seeing live in action - inspiring!

— Maggie Hardardottir 

Out of the many acting classes & programs our daughter has attended in the previous years - yours is outstanding and extremely professional! 

- Ana Canas

Tara is quite simply one of the most gifted teachers I have had the privilege to work with in my twenty years of teaching experience and eight years of experience running ISTA.  

Sally Robertson, ISTA CEO, England

I was lucky enough to be taught by the wonderful Jo Willmott.  Her enthusiasm and imaginative approaches nurtured and fostered the determination I needed to have a successful career in the arts as an actress and writer.  

Katie Norris, Norris & Parker Theatre Company, UK 

Tara challenged the students to draw on their spontaneous creativity and risk exploring new ways of performing. I have rarely seen students so totally committed to the moment.  This was serious clowning at its best.

Anne Mason, St. John's International School, Belgium


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