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Ivana Balabanova is a dancer, choreographer and interdisciplinary artist from Skopje, North Macedonia

Ivana Balabanova

Dance Instructor

Ivana Balabanova is a dancer, choreographer and interdisciplinary artist from Skopje, North Macedonia. She currently has an “Excellence Scholarship” in the MA in Choreography at the ZHdK University of Arts. Her experience is broad in both the aspects of creation and teaching.


 As an artist she courageously explores the possibilities with the ensemble, space, art forms, always creating strong visuals for the audience. Her works have been performed all over the Balkans, in Cagliari, Zurich, St.Gallen, Berlin, Gran Canaria, etc.


 As a teacher, Ivana has a long and fruitful career in teaching both hip-hop and contemporary dance, as well as fusion of these two and improvisation/freestyle. In 15 years of work, she has worked with dancers of all ages (kids, juniors, seniors and adults), both amateur and professional dancers. Through the work of her center in N. Macedonia she has been developing strong structures of dancers and choreographers who later pursue their career in dance. She has been teaching in many institutions all over the world, including: Boris Eifman Academy, St.Petersburg, ZHdK – Zurich University of the Arts, The University of Contemporary Dance in N.Macedonia, The National school of ballet and contemporary dance in N.Macedonia, Kannon Dance Company in St. Petersburg, Urbana Scena – Ljubljana, KC Magacin – Belgrade, CFC Geneva, Switzerland, Tanzwerk – Zurich, etc. In her broad experience she has been working on teaching movement for actors as well. She took part in many educational programs as a teacher including: VADA – A project with the US Embassy in N.Macedonia, Tanz.Transformator – A project with the Embassy of Switzerland in North Macedonia, multiple programs of CSS Center Jadro and the Youth Cultural Center in Macedonia, and has collaborated with UNICEF, UNDP, UNESCO. 

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