Hip Hop/Breaking (Ages 6-9)

Hip Hop/Breaking (Ages 6-9)

Time & location

31 Aug, 16:15 – 14 Dec, 17:15
CET Studio, Pfingstweidstrasse 101, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland


Instructor: Issue Park


16:15 - 17:15


August - 31

September - 7, 14, 21, 28

October - 5, 26

November - 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

December - 7, 14

Cost: 350 CHF

In breaking/Hip hop lessons, various elements are learned step by step. Hip-hop basic moves and breaking basic moves: Top rock(standing), and down rock(on the floor), as well as held poses(the so-called freezes), Power moves and acrobatics. This class will build movement confidence and playfulness with a lot of joy.

Issue Park Biography

Kwangsuk Park, also known as “Bboy Issue”, started dancing in Suwon, South Korea. Mixing breakdance with martial arts, contemporary dance, Korean dance, and street dance he soon gained international recognition for his original, and experimental style. As a performer Kwangsuk Park combines a high level of technical and creative skills with a strong emotional presence. Working in the space between breakdance and contemporary dance his artistic ambition brought him to some of the most well-known theatre-stages in Europe. He also has been passing on know-how and inspired students at several Dance-Schools and Events all over the world.