We want to ensure your safety during these uncertain times.



About our refund policy:

In the event of a lockdown, we would run classes online, cancel, or reschedule classes into the following months. If you are not able to continue with us in the following months, we would then apply a 50% credit to other CET courses in the amount of your remaining classes, or you can choose to have a 50% refund on the remaining classes.

In  our  classes...


1. We are ensuring handwashing before, during and after class
2. We are disinfecting surfaces and props
3. Whenever possible, we will keep a 1.5 meter distance
4. Windows will be kept open for proper ventilation
5. We keep attendance records and can ensure contact tracing
6. We have small class sizes

7. We wear masks 


For our audience:

1. We will keep the audience to a maximum of 100 people
2. We can ensure a 1.5 meter distance between audience members
3. We wear masks